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Not the Ideal Circumstance

As an Architectural Photographer we find creative ways of shooting to get the most ideal situation for composition. This doesn't always work out. With my knowledge and experience with Architectural Illustration I can manipulate in post to create that "Ideal situation". Here is an example of a beautiful project off of Witchduck Rd. in Virginia Beach. This is the Housing Resource Center in Virginia Beach. The project was designed by Waller Todd & Sadler. Unfortunately the North West side of the building fell victim to the City that is re-directing traffic in that area as cars exit and enter Hwy 264. We needed to get the photography done and certainly could not wait for the construction of the roadway to be done. below you will see two images. The first is the original image and the second is the image that has the traffic light removed and all of the other distracting elements in the foreground.

Housing Resource Center
Original image

Housing Resource Center
Final Image

We like to take the time and remove unwanted artifacts in all of our Architectural Photography. This is part of our process of making sure that the final image is nice and clean. Here are some additional images from the photo shoot.


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