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Barry Art Museum 3d Walk-through

Years back we did an Architectural Shoot for the Barry Art Museum located on Old Dominion's Campus across the street from the Chartway Arena. You can view that picture blog here.

This past year we did a 360 walk-through of the entire space so you can enjoy the museum virtually. Click on this link to view the tour. The museum is two stories with two galleries on the first floor and two on the second. One of the galleries on the second floor changes out from time to time. We have set up this tour to archive the galleries so that they can always be viewed. We are gearing up to photograph a new art installation this month so gallery 3 will be archived and you will be able to walk the museum and view the new art installation soon.

You can visit the Barry Art Museum here. Here you can connect with their Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for all the latest.


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