Kempsville Recreation Center Architectural Shoot

What can I say about this facility. It is down right beautiful and such an asset to the community. Designed by HBA Architecture & Interiors. Here are a few images that show off this beautiful space. Whether you enter the site from Locke Ln. or Monmouth Ln. this is the first look at the building. Here are two images that really show how dynamic the building is and how the look changes with the environment. This image was shot close to 9 in the evening just after the sun set.

This image was shot at the exact location about 1.5 hours before the previous image. It is amazing how different of a feel that you get.

You immediately get a feel for how grand the space is as soon as you enter. It is wide open from the weight room to the aquatic area.

To the left of the entrance is the aquatic area. The images really tell the story from the splash pad to the pool. in the foreground there is a walking aquatic pool. This is a great no impact way to get exercise.

Here is the view of the pool area. To the right of this image you can see a climbing wall that hangs over the deep end of the pool.

The splash area is an obvious place for kids to have fun.

To the right of the entrance is the weight room. This shot was taken from the track that runs the entire course of the rec center. 8 laps equal 1 mile that stretches from the weight room, passes the aquatic area, and goes around the gym.

Here is a view from the track as it winds around the gym.

The roof line of the structure is truly unique as it appears to twist as it goes from the weight area all the way through the aquatic space.

This is a extremely beautiful recreation center that you must see for yourself.

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