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Leaning Tower of Norfolk - No More

Yes, for many people living in Norfolk you may remember that the building at 161 Granby Street had settled and was leaning away from it's adjoining structure at 151 Granby. At the top of 151 granby there was a separation from the two building that seemed to be about a foot apart from each other. Check out this short video that shows how the structure was cut away from its foundation and lifted nearly 13 inches. The video is courtesy for Hourigan and Speight Marshall Francis. Now the building is occupied with 44 apartments and retail below in one of the most prominent parts of downtown Norfolk. Here are a few images from inside some of the apartments and some exterior day and dusk/evening shots. Take the time to read the article with the video in it. This is and engineering marvel that happened right here in our backyard. Congrats to the team that made this happen.

Dusk/Evening photo of 161 Granby Street
161 Granby Street

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