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The Rockefeller Architectural Shoot

This is the building formerly known as the Union Mission which is now located at 5100 E Virginia Beach Blvd. The outside of the building hasn't changed except for a beautiful rooftop garden/patio area the is in the center of the building. This is one of the many projects in Downtown Norfolk put out by Marathon Development Group.

Click here if you would like to see other projects the we photographed for Marathon Development Group.


The Rockefeller Exterior Night Shot

As you walk into the space you are greeted with a beautiful spacious lobby with a ornamental staircase to the left that leads to studio apartments.

The Rockefeller interior Lobby

The Rockefeller Saircase

To the right there is a nice spacious community area that is equipped with a full kitchen, Living area, pool table and games. This is a nice area that tenants can use at anytime.

The Rockefeller Community Area

The basement has been renovated as well with apartments throughout the space. The area that used to be a pool has been remodeled into a nice workout facility.

The Rockefeller Basement Apartments

The Rockefeller Workout Center

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