• Scott Wertz

The Attucks Theatre Architectural Shoot

This Beautiful Theater turns 100 this upcoming year. The Attucks Theatre is located on Church Street in the intersection of Church & Virginia Beach Blvd. This Theater was renovated about 12 years ago. I was blown away about how beautiful the inside of this theater is. Here are a few images below.

This is the entrance vestibule right before you would enter the theater

A view of the seating. The venue has a capacity of 624 seats. There is not a bad seat in the house. Every angle has complete view of the stage.

The curtain that you see here is the original fire curtain from 1919. The curtain was designed so that of there was a fire back stage it would lower to keep the fire and smoke from spreading so the audience can evacuate. The mural is a depiction of the Boston Massacre. Crispus Attucks was the first American Patriot to lose his life in the American Revolutionary War.

There were many different lighting configurations for the stage. Here is a view with the fire curtain up showing the natural brick wall lit with amber lights on the back of the stage. We took several images that were shot from the exact location so a slide show could be made showing the various configurations.

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